iRule AV

The Future of AV Control

iRule is a powerhouse team of pioneering R&D professionals. Located in the heart of downtown Detroit, we work in tandem with our parent company Kramer to design, develop and deliver the world’s preeminent ProAV control platforms.

Our Company Values


From campuses to corporate headquarters to critical infrastructure installations, iRule knows reliability isn’t an option, it’s a necessity. With a proven track record in developing field-tested control technology, our clients know that they can count on us.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe ‘customer satisfaction’ is the bare minimum, our goal is to go beyond by crafting truly exceptional tools. Our customers deserve the best. The best tools, the best solutions and the best value. That’s the benchmark we set for ourselves.

Technology Innovation

Our mission is endlessly evolving, but our goal is simple: deliver the cutting-edge ProAV control tools of today while designing the ground-breaking tools of tomorrow.

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